Professional Team

Ably lead from the front by Thomas Symonds and Steve Scott, TCS Shipwrights & Joinery has a team of over 20 personnel, including highly qualified and experienced shipwrights, cabinetmakers, fiberglassers, abrasive blasters and spray painters, with diverse and specialist skill sets and training in various high risk work procedures.

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Locally Owned & Operated

Cairns owned and operated, the TCS Shipwrights & Joinery factory is based in Portsmith and complemented with a fully equipped workshop. Strong relationships with the three shipyards in Cairns. Work completed at all local marinas, across the city and surrounding regions.

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Industry Experience & Expertise

Key team members have decades of Cairns marine industry experience. We can help with your project from concept to completion, with informed advice and quality workmanship. Extensive knowledge. Ready and able for challenging projects, with a long history of approved works.

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Compliance & Reliability

Fully insured with a proven record of Government contract compliance. Dedicated OHSE/QA team constantly developing systems to satisfy client contract and legislative requirements. Reliable relationships with industry colleagues. You can count on us.

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TCS Shipwrights & Joinery

TCS Shipwrights & Joinery prides itself on bringing knowledge, experience, innovation and care to all our projects. We can service your vessel repairs and maintenance needs, always carrying out works to specifications and with approved products. We offer you years of experience, practical advice, creative solutions and timely workmanship. Our team and skill set has grown to meet the demands of our customers. Starting as a one-man operation in 2011, our crew now consists of over 20 people, including talented tradespeople with decades of marine industry and Cairns shipwright experience.

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Capacity has expanded to meet demand. TCS Shipwrights & Joinery have the people to complete large projects, without the need to rely on contract labour. We have consistently delivered creative, long term solutions, to problematic maintenance issues on large vessels. We have the people, products and networks to deliver on your Cairns shipwright requirements.

Proven track record with decades of Cairns marine industry experience. Owned and operated by Thomas Symonds with Steve Scott as Manager. Thomas and Steve have personally carried out works on Dive, Reef and Tourist vessels, White Boats, Australian Navy SML, Hydrographic, SMB, LCH, Patrol, South Pacific, Armidale, Cape Class and Customs Class boats and US Navy vessels. They have also been a key point of information and advice for solutions to long term maintenance issues on these vessels, and have collaborated with all levels of contractors in efforts to rectify problems and fulfil contract obligations.

Time management, project management and effective scheduling are cornerstones of our (and your) business success. Our customers value reliability and we value their custom. We have proven ourselves capable of meeting tight deadlines, even when facing challenging working conditions and time frames. We have a dedicated OHSE officer and QA team ready to deliver fully compliant works.


Quality Work

We deliver an absolute commitment to quality work, across all commercial and government projects. We will help you achieve your outcomes, to the highest standard.

Premium Products

Growing portfolio of government, commercial, cruise, white boat, freight and dive vessel projects. We’re a key port of call within our local industry, for innovation & quality.

Stylish Solutions

Effective vessel repair and maintenance requires innovation, attention to detail and time tested methodology to deliver fit for purpose long term solutions.

Creative Experts

Key staff have decades of industry experience, right here in the tropics. We have the knowledge and experience to realistically address your needs. Contact us today.

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